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Yellowfin Yachts 32' Center Console

The Perfect Center Console Fishing Boat?

We went a little bit over board here on our 32' Yellowfin Center Console just for you. Our clients pay us well to go fishing. They deserve the very best for what they are paying for. Repowered every year with the best in available upgraded machinery from Mercury Marine. Electronics updated every two years to give you the edge you expect from us. This boat is meticulously maintained.

NOWHERE in Key West will you find a better package of Boats, equipment, skills and customer service.

32 Center Console YellowfinYellowfin Center Console Stern View

Besides the fact that I think my Yellowfin 32 is the prettiest center console I have ever seen, this boat has turned out to be an extremely versatile fishing boat.

It was a 2 year plan for us to get back into the center console world I looked around everywhere for the right boat. I mean everywhere. I don't really want to get into details but I can promise you that my time on the water coupled with the many boat rides I have been on to compare different makes and models, the back streets and allies that I transverse to see what was out there. From Full production boats to one off hull designs I think I truly looked them all over. After all of that I really wanted to see a different boat that did not exist yet and decided to put my cards on Yellowfin and Wylie Nagler to build their very first 32 ft Center console.

While speaking to Wylie he told me that his vision was to take the best of the 31 Yellowfin and the 34 Yellowfin and meld them together. Improving a few things that were issues to some folks and allowing for the center of gravity allowances  that are necessary for the larger 4 stroke motors out there today.  I cant tell you exactly what the changes were to each design but I can assure you that if you call Yellowfin and Speak to Wylie, he will. All that I know is that it really worked.

The things that were important to me in an offshore Center Console were not long in list but very important. Any of these items not met would have made me not so happy and I would have had to settle. Well the good news is, I got my list of important items taken care of and more.. I kinda feel like I made out like a bandit. Here is why..

Fit and Finish of this boat was spectacular. I own three other Yellowfin bay boats and that I have learned is the norm, so no surprise there. My boat was also a boat show queen in the Miami International boat show of 08' so you know it would be a gem, but now that I think about it, all the Yellowfins I have seen out of that factory are Gems.

Layout was HUGE for me as I fish up to 6 persons on occasion so room and comfort are huge. I also go to the Dry Tortugas under charter as well and storage was very important to me. Well, there is plenty. The layout was perfect with lots of fishing room in the back. I thought that the leaning post was too far back originally but after running the boat it is perfect. I would bet that this boat has more cockpit space behind the leaning post than any other boat in its class. Seating is fine with twin seating up front of the console and the coffin box for even more, non running seating. The gunwale height in the back is perfect, easy to reach the water and high enough to feel secure. The front of the boat is a Yellowfin without the Huge bow height of the 34 or 36, offering the boat a bit more sexy line and a better reach over possibility up there for gaffing fish.  I have to say I love the layout and as a very large person I don't feel cramped. The gunwale  width was kept with a great wide gunwale for throwing net.

Performance was the biggest thing. I am a charter guide and fuel economy means the world to me and my clients for pricing. As we all know the price of fuel will be going up. Without prop work my 32 Ft Yellowfin center console gets an average of 1.6 mpg at cruise of 38 mph with the twin 300 Verados. This number decreases only slightly up to 44 mph still above 1.4 This was with average load 4 men, full rear bait well, and ready to fish out to 75 miles range of fuel. STELLAR! ! ! ! I am working with Scott Reicho of Mercury lab finished propellers to do a minor modification to an existing propeller design we think that the average best fuel economy will go over 1.8.. This will be untouchable in it's class. Speed numbers are in high 50's loaded. I have not set this this boat up for speed as that is not important to me.

Update 12/22/12

New props, new motors, new upholstery and all new electronics were put on my Yellowfin 32. This year I installed the FCV 295 bottom machine from Furuno with a brand new R 209 Transducer that bumps 3000 watts.. Also right next to it I put the new Garmin 7212 Chart plotter coupled with the radar from Garmin. New Icom vhfs upper and lower were installed with a new Fusion stereo head unit.. All the cusions and the boat in general look brand new..

still Love my Yellowfin 32..

Update 8/5/09

Props labbed from Merc Racing and 350 Verados with the new Gear case design we get a consistent 1.8 mpg from 38 - 42 mph depending on load.. We have seen as high as 2.0 downwind with nothing in the boat.. But thats just not realistic..

One year and a few months into the ownership of this boat and we have 2000 hours on it. It is in like new condition... We still love this boat.. and would get another just like it with the exception of Garmin Radar- it sux..

The Ride, we all have our own opinions about ride and what we think is a great riding boat. To me, I have not ridden in a boat that rides better. My advice to anyone who is considering this boat is to come down and see me for a ride or go see the guys at Yellowfin. Be warned, it will redefine what you are looking for and set the bar too high for others.

Stern View

Dryness I will say, its the driest boat I have ever been in under 35 ft. truly amazing. Again, ride in it you will be amazed. We all love our boats and say they are the driest.. You will have to see for yourself.

Running attitude - Wylie has set the center of gravity further forward in this boat and it is noticeable when you run it. For those wanting the v-8 Yamaha engines you will not be disappointed in the way the boat will handle the weight of those beasts with no issue. In fact with the Mercury Verado 300's I have found that the boat runs better, faster and smoother with full bait well in the rear, perfect for me as I never leave the dock without a full bait well. Other boats I have been in I felt as though the bait well was a burden to the rear of it making the boat ass heavy, definitely not the case here on this 32.

Bow viewTrim Tabs - the 32 comes with K planes. Finally a boat that only needs trim tab for right left attitude adjustment. You don't need tabs hardly at all unless leveling or putting the vee to the waves in a cross chop. Tabs mean loss of performance. This boat runs fine without them in all weight applications and not needed to get on a plane. Also, in a head on chop or swell.. just drive. no tabs needed. this thing slices through like a dream!

Hard Running - this boat will go as fast as you can hang on in 3-5's and never miss a beat. Props stay hooked up and the boat does not try and fly out of the water like some others do. Its a unique ride. for the first 15 minutes I ran through some crap I was expecting to hit really hard and never did. Boat has the smoothest reentry, very comparable to the many deep vee full bottom boats I have run. Super smooth and dry too.

CockpitLittle Things about this boat I don't like...  Besides the boat payment.. I have to say the electronics covers on the console are not my taste. I find them difficult to move from side to side when on the run to make adjustments. That's about it for now... Cant think of anything else.

In things I love about the boat - The upholstery was done impeccably well. The redesigned transom it looks awesome very stylish and does not hold water, slides right off. The ladder that recesses into the boat, Very cool.

 closing I have to say, before I got my boat I was thinking about resale, just in case I did not like it. I was concerned with it being the first out of the mold and the first in it's line. Well, now that I have it I have been offered by two people to buy it for more than I paid.. Nicely I told them, sorry, no sale, I like it.

A note about Yellowfin Yachts. The more time I spend running my boats and the more boats I buy from them I become more and more impressed with what they are able to do. The rest of the industry could learn much from them.  I have run all the boats from the Flats to the 42 and have seen nothing but quality. I have never experienced customer service like theirs and owning a Yellowfin puts me in with a group of some of the nicest boat owners I know. All the way around the Yellowfin experience has been great!

Please feel free to contact me about this boat. I am happy to show it to anyone that is interested. Boat rides cost you the price of gas to run it.

Here is the way my 32 Yellowfin is set up.

  1. Twin 300 Verados
  2. Key West Hard Top and Console
    1. Black undersides on T Top
    2. VHF, VHF, Marine Stereo in Elect Box.
    3. Taco  Gold and Black Outriggers
  3. Aluminum Leaning Post
  4. Two Drawer Tackle in Gunwales
  5. Electronics
    1. Furuno FCV 1100
    2. Garmin 5212 Touch Screen
    3. JL Audio
    4. Garmin 4 ft array 4 KW Radar
  6. Freshwater Shower
  7. Raw water rinse
  8. Rear Bait well
  9. Floor bait well
  10. 3 Odyssey Batteries
  11. Expanded Fuel Option 300+ gall
  12. Alum Slide On Trailer

Building the perfect boat takes time and cooperation from you and the factory that you chose to build your boat. Ideas that have been proven from hours and hours of experience both by boat builder and end user. I can say that working with Yellowfin Yachts has been the best mix of all. SPL

Now that she is done I can say it was well worth the wait.

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