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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fishing Charters

We try and cover everything in the websites to make sure our clients are at ease with trusting us with their vacation time.

Look through these previously asked questions and see if there is an answer for your questions about our fishing charters.

Any other questions that are not answered here please feel free to call us. Ask for Gennifer or Steven..

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June 2024
Fishing Report Forecast

Tarpon Season in full swing

Backcountry Will have tarpon on the flats and in the channels. Flats fishing is pretty good for permit, bonefish and barracudas.

Reef fishing Grouper season is open till December. Yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snapper fishing is awesome.

Deep sea fishing Mahi, dolphin marlin and tuna.

Our Fishing Reports.

Key West Fishing Report

Florida Keys Fishing Report


Why Do I Have To Sign The Confirmation For Booking

So we all understand each other. Your confirmation has the date, trip description, total trip cost, cancellation policy and directions to the place to meet your boat. By signing this you are saying you have read all of it and there will be no surprises on either end. Your vacation day is valuable, don't take a chance on having one screwed up by a company that wont put your charter on paper for you to reference.

Note: Some of our competitors do not use confirmations to reserve a booked charter. They prefer to use a bar napkin and a pen to reserve your day. You decide which is more professional and which company will actually be there to show you a great day on the water.

Are We Guaranteed To Catch Fish?

No. We could do this but we are certain you would not like the result. There are a few fishing charter services that offer No Fish No Pay fishing charters. Look around on the INTERNET for them and enjoy your trip.

Can We Keep Our Fish That We Catch?

Yes of course. If it is legal and within Florida State Limits. You can keep your catch. We will even prepare it for you by fileting the fish and putting it in zip lock bags. We DO NOT over harvest while we are backcountry fishing, we set limits for our trips that will offer you enough fish for lunch or dinner.

Mission To Kill? Book our reef fishing charters. There we hold no restrictions. If its legal and in limits you can keep it and we will filet it for you.

Will There Be Hidden Fuel Surcharges?

NO. Dream Catcher Charters has no fishing or boating charters that have any kind of fuel surcharge. Our rates are exactly what you will be paying for the exception of the guides tip (please see the tip section on this page).

SOME of the Wreck and Reef charters in Key West that offer a specialty of running long distances for certain species DO have fuel surcharges and we will recommend them for that sort of trip. Those fuel surcharges will be well explained in detail when you book your day and a very close estimate will be given.

Are There Bathrooms On The Boats?

Yes and No.. We have 9 boats and 3 have enclosed bathrooms. Please call ahead to book them as they are usually the first to sell out. Look at our new Tidewater 24 Bay Max and ActionCraft bay boats for backcountry fishing for 4 persons or less and look at our 28 ft Center Console for groups of 6 or less to find out more about the bathrooms.

What If I Get Seasick?

If your out on one of our backcountry fishing charters we can come in and get you back to stable land. You will be charged for your scheduled trip. On a deep sea fishing charter its a little tougher but again, you will be charged for yoru scheduled trip.

Do I Have To Tip The Fishing Guide

Yes, only if you had a good time. It is customary to tip the captain or guide 15 - 20% of the trip fare. If you do not tip we will assume you had a bad experience and will be calling to find out why you were unhappy with our services. This is a huge part of our quality control.

About Our Reviews On Trip Advisor?

We do not write our own reviews so, what you see is a true assessment of our service to our clients. We allow the people who actually go out with us to review our service honestly and without harassment. From that we still keep a 97% 5 star rating and learn what we are doing right and occasionally wrong. You can read our Trip Advisor reviews and see the difference from other companies reviews. Its pretty obvious to not only us but the many customers we have that used our amazing reputation on Trip Advisor to book our services.

Trip Advisor themselves warn against trusting a company with 100% 5 star no negative feedback reviews.. Somethings Up.

Can We Extend Our Fishing Charter While Out There?

Yes, IF we have availability. Let your captain know before you come back to the dock.

Can I Fish With The Same Guide As Last Time

Maybe, depends on many things. Put in the request when booking. Be nice. Remember all of our fishing guides are awesome and we turned you on to the guy you liked the first time. Trust us to do it again. We don't want you unhappy any more than you want to be unhappy.

Fly Fishing In The Wind

Windy conditions (within reason) are not cause for cancellation of your fly fishing trip just because you cannot cast in the winds. We will offer spinning tackle instead.

What If It Rains And We Are Booked To Go Out

Calcutta Rain JacketsRain in Key West is a short term event most of the time. We watch the weather very closely and would NEVER put any of our clients in harms way or show them a nasty day. Throughout the day the chances of getting rained on in the summer are about 80% with a passing summer shower. But there are the times where we just know its not going to be all that great out there and we will cancel the trip and refund the deposit.

DO NOT.. Wake up on the day of your charter see rain and not show up. This will result in a charge in full based on our cancellation policy. We are very easy to work with.

Note: Very Nice High quality Rain Jackets are always provided to our customers here at Dream Catcher Charters if needed or desired. We are happy to let you use them. So far as we know we are the only company in Key West that offers this.

Can We Bring Alcohol?

Sunset ToastYES - As much as you want. Only to be consumed by adults over 21 years of age. Try to drink responsibly and understand that consumption may limit the activities we will allow you to do on our charters. For technical fishing charter such as flats fishing or fly fishing we ask that added moderation be exercised..

Can We Bring Marijuana or Any Other Controlled Substance.

NO - Pot is still a controlled substance in the State of Florida. If we discover one of our clients is carrying, we have no choice but to terminate the charter and still charge in full. Please don't put one of our captains in this situation, they can lose their licenses for it.

If We come In Early Will We Still Be Charged For the Full Trip We Booked?

Generally No - We understand folks sometimes bite of more than they want for exposure to the sun and sea. We don't like charging folks for unused portions of trips. HOWEVER... If you book a full day trip We have to charge a full day rate no matter how long you stay out as we took that boat off the schedule completely for the day just for you.

What If We Do Not Show Up And Do Not Call?

We charge you in full. Please see the confirmation section at the top of the page.

How Many People Will Be On The Boat Charter With Us?

How many people are you bringing? Up to 6 is allowed on our larger boat. Please do not bring more than the number of persons you stated when you booked your trip with us, this will cause confusion and possible embarrassment.

We offer Private Charters ONLY.. We do not have any one else on your charter except our captain who is also your tour guide. We do not split or share charters ever.

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