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Eco Tours Of Key West

The word "Eco" is used as a prefix mostly relating to ecological or environmental terms. Eco tourism is becoming very popular. With folks becoming more aware every day, realizing that our surroundings are in a constant change. Explore, discover and enjoy the Key West backcountry and the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge on our Eco tours with our very knowledgeable captains and guides.

This isn't a theme park, its real life and real habitat. Very cool stuff awaits.


Back To Nature

Isolated locations make us feel like we are back to nature. Places where few have been before. Where the wild life is not on edge from the hustle and bustle. Everything just seems to grove and we are seemingly invited to enjoy the habitat along with our wildlife friends.

Eco Tours with the right tour guide are the best way to see the Florida Keys. A wide open window view that starts with the man made and takes you out to the nature made and back again. A glimpse back in time of what the Florida Keys and Key West looked like 150 years ago.

Our tours take you across the calm waters of our backcountry flats and out to the mangrove islands located in the Great White Heron National Wild Life Refuge. Learn about all of it along the way. After our Eco Tours you will know why mangrove islands are so important to our survival here in these low lying islands. The types of mangroves and the importance of each one all the way to the tropical hardwood hammock.

While exploring the mangrove islands our Eco tours come across some amazing wild life. Turtles, sharks, sting rays, eagle rays, ospreys, herons just to name a few.

We have power boats from 22 - 28 ft in length that can carry up to 6 passengers each. Some with bathrooms and some not. These are incredible platforms for quickly transporting you to the far reaches of the backcountry waters that surround Key West, the reef and out to the incredibly beautiful waters of the Marquesas Keys for some amazing viewing opportunities.

There is no better way of seeing the birds of Key West in their natural habitat than this.

The Day Your Way

When we meet for the beginning of your adventure you captain will get an idea of what you would like to do or see for your time with us on the water. Within minutes your captain will be your adventure director planning out the trip to try and get it all in with weather and seasonal conditions in mind. Sit back and enjoy the day as it unfolds.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy the Marquesas Keys Adventure.

Charter Details

We offer Key West custom boating charters in 4, 6, and 8 hour times. Call for Rates.. Ask For Gennifer or Steven.

At these rates you can also include snorkeling in your day with us on the water.

We Provide Please Don't Forget
  • Ice and Bottled Waters
  • One Pair of Binoculars
  • Hat, sunscreen and Towels
  • Food or Drink other than Bottled waters
  • Camera, Sunglasses, Binoculars Long Lenses

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