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Marquesas Keys Boating Adventure

Marquesas Keys Adventure Charter

Get away - Way Away from it all. This exclusive private charters experience explores the Marquesas Keys. Just West of Key West about 26 miles is a circular chain of islands called the Marquesas Keys. These islands hold an amazing amount of nature, history and awe inspiring beauty. Our full day adventure trips will be the highlight of your vacation to Key West. Snorkeling, sightseeing, fishing, wild dolphins and beautiful beaches.

Clients that want to go to the Marquesas Keys are looking for a little more. We custom tailor each experience to fit your groups needs and keep the price affordable.


The Marquesas Keys

fishing in the Marquesas KeysLeaving the hustle and bustle of a busy island life behind for a full day of boating is a blast and well worth the time spent for anyone wanting to really see why we as locals love Key West and our easy access to the Marquesas Keys. This place is truly a boaters paradise. 

The Marquesas Keys are a circular chain of islands with several different explanations of existence that we will share with you on your day with us. The inside of the circular chain is a body of water called Mooney Harbor, an estuary of calm clear waters that are filled with marine life surrounded by islands filed with birds and breathtaking scenery. 

To the north side of the Marquesas we have what we call North Beach facing the Gulf of Mexico. This beach is broken up in several places by water flowing in and out of Mooney Harbor through a vast mangrove island river. The north side of the Marquesas has some of the most productive flats fishing in the world for species such as permit, bonefish and tarpon. The waters are shallow, crystal clear and very cool. Further off to the north we have a special ship wreck that makes an awesome snorkel stop. In less than ten feet of water the wreck comes within one foot of the surface and it is loaded with fish. 

To the south there are dotted islands with super shallow flats between them and very shallow channels that we carefully navigate not to stir up any of the beautiful waters. We can also treat our passengers to a beach stop where they can get off and experience super white sand and Caribbean-like scenery. The south side offers some excellent snorkeling as well on two levels. A near shore reef just hundred of yards from the southernmost islands offering some incredible coral formations that are super close to the surface and way off of the beaten path of typical Key West snorkeling. Then we have the outer reef that is awesome just 5.6 miles to the south and easily accessible on this boating charter. 

For our competitors' sakes we are leaving lots of little extra tidbits out of this boating experience to keep the traffic down out there. You will just have to come along and check it out for yourself. We have been offering Marquesas Keys adventure trips for almost 20 years. 

So, as you can see, a full day might not be enough to get it all in. 

The Route

DolphinOur journey begins at our marina located on Stock Island on board one of our bay boats or our 28 foot center console. From Key West to the Marquesas is not a bumpy ride as most of the journey is done inshore and around the many islands that dot the landscape on the way. We call this area the Lakes Passage. As we get out farther and leave the last island of the Lakes called Boca Grand, the Marquesas are in full view on the horizon with just 5 miles left to go. As we approach the Marquesas a really cool feeling of awe comes over our passengers as they realize why we came this way. 


The Visuals

On this boating charter as we cruise along in crystal clear Caribbean waters we will see all of the deserted mangrove islands along the way with vast amounts of water fowl that are seemingly undisturbed by us as we pass on by.

Snorkeling in the Marquesas KeysPassengers on our Marquesas Keys Adventure often see the three different species of Sea Turtles we have near and inside the Marquesas Keys. you just never know when they will pop their huge heads up out of the water to check things out.

Dolphins play in several areas along the way of our journey come up to say hi and go along undisturbed. Our passengers learn all about dolphins and their habitat, what makes them unique as a mammal and why they smile all the time.. (maybe because they live in the Keys)....

Sharks are part of being in salt water and yes, we see them. We think sharks are a treat to see and offer our passengers a chance to "safely" feed them right from the back of the boat. We can custom tailor this adventure to NOT see sharks if needed..

We can stop by Ship wrecks as they are very cool, especially in 15 ft of water where you can look right down and see everything. For advanced snorkelers the ship wrecks make an awesome addition to your day.

Learn, have fun, and enjoy the day in the sun on our very comfortable boats.

The Activities

The best thing to do on this trip is let the day just happen. We offer snorkeling, sight seeing, dolphin watching, beach stop and fishing.

The snorkeling can be done at any level of experience we have many different spots to take new or novice snorkelers. For experienced snorkelers we have some challenging but safe locations that you will enjoy.

We can also offer Lobstering On This Trip Durring Lobster Season

The sight seeing takes care of itself. This adventure is a non-stop sight fest of things to see from one minute to the next. We have had folks come out here with us and just be amazed all day long saying it was a trip of a lifetime.

Fishing the Marquesas Keys is an option on this adventure and by no means necessary to have a great time. The Marquesas Keys fishing we do on this trip is all low pressure fun time and relaxing. We always catch fish and the species we target are a total surprise till we catch them. Catch and release is always observed on this adventure trip unless our passengers decide they want to keep some for dinner.

Never have we been on this adventure and not had something unique and interesting even to us along the way.

Marquesas Keys Adventure Details.

Everything is provided for you for our activities. (see list below). The Marquesas Keys Adventure trip requires a full day 8 hour booking.

This trip is AWESOME for the whole family. With the constantly changing venue kids wont get bored. Smaller children will be more comfortable on our Center Console boat with the shade, higher sides and bathroom. Also

Rates for this adventure Are The Best in Key West

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We Provide
Please Don't Forget

  • Ice And Cooler Full Of Bottle Water
  • Snorkel Gear, Flotation, instruction
  • Fishing Gear, Licenses
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Hat, sunscreen and polarized glasses, change of clothes.
  • Food or Drink other than Bottled waters
  • Camera, Binoculars

Marqueasas Keys beach

We Would Like to Thank Those That Help Get Us There.

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