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Fishing Gear We Use Every Day

Its no secret here in Key West that we have the nicest fishing gear money can buy and we use it every day in our line of working with you to catch more fish. Our philosophy is this: If we expect you to pay good money to go fishing with us. We should have great gear for you to fish with.

Its part of our guarantee and our promise to you. We are certain you will never be disappointed in our equipment our boats or our service.



June 2024
Fishing Report Forecast

Tarpon Season in full swing

Backcountry Will have tarpon on the flats and in the channels. Flats fishing is pretty good for permit, bonefish and barracudas.

Reef fishing Grouper season is open till December. Yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snapper fishing is awesome.

Deep sea fishing Mahi, dolphin marlin and tuna.

Our Fishing Reports.

Key West Fishing Report

Florida Keys Fishing Report



You Will Be Using The Fishing Gear - That We Always Wanted

Be forewarned. Fishing with us here at Dream Catcher Charters has caused many of our anglers to make a serious deposit at the local tackle store. Our gear is not cheap and its the latest stuff from DAIWA and ORVIS.

Daiwa SaltistWhen we invite anglers to see our rod room Comments like "Oh My", "Good Lord" and one of my favorites "Honey Come Look At This" are not uncommon. Its impressive. With over 100 Rods and reels loaded and ready for battle with fresh line it takes a minute to let it all sink in.

We like nice gear. We don't get to fish much on our own so we use nice gear with our clients. Its easy.

From 12 inches to 1200 feet we are loaded for anything that swims. Fly fishing, spin fishing, bait casting and conventional. We have all levels of fishing gear to suit the needs of our days fishing.

See The Detailed Article And Review
Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reels
Writen By Capt. Steven Lamp


Spin Fishing Gear

Our spin fishing reels are all 100% DAIWA. In our arsenal you will find names like Procyon, Ballistics and Saltist. Expertly maintained our reels all look and function like brand new every day NO EXCEPTIONS!

Fishing Rod RackSpin fishing Rods are sets of a few different manufacturers such as DAIWA Coastal and DXI Rods, Ugly Stik Custom Graphite, All Star Premium Edition Rods and Key Largo Rods built by our good friend Rick Berry.

Bait casters

Not a super common piece of fishing hardware here in the Keys unless we are talking about the larger bait casters we use for tarpon otherwise known as "conventional". True bait casters require talent to cast and many of our mid west and Texas fishermen use them. We have them. We like the DAIWA Zillion series bait casting reel. We have them filled with a very small diameter braided line from FINS and they are bolted on to a very nice graphite All Star casting rod perfect for the long casts we need here to accomplish most anything. NOTE: We have these in left or right hand retrieve..

Line and Terminal

We use a TON of mono filament. Generally we like Stren, Suffix, Momoi or plain old Ande. Our Mono line is changed out by habit, never will an angler see ratty, frayed, bleached or half spooled line on any of our fishing rods.

Braided line is a staple with us for our flats fishing and tarpon fishing. We also use braid for many other tasks as warranted. Big news is we have it and we spare no expense to make sure its fresh. The brand we trust with your fishing is FINS Situational Braid.

Hooks are super important and we trust the best name in American made hooks. OWNER. Super sharp, very strong and reliable. We have been using Owner Hooks here at Dream Catcher Charters Fly Fishing Reels Orvissince 1998.

Fly Fishing Gear

Orvis. Yes only but the best for our anglers we use ORVIS fly fishing rods and reels. Names like Helios and Mirage are the line up you will see here. We have 8-12 wt fly rods and reels all spooled up with floating and intermediate line both left and right hand retrieve on all line weights. The line we use is nothing but Orvis Hydros. We find this combination has been the very best for what we do.

About Our Fishing Gear

We are very proud of our fishing gear and really enjoy sharing information regarding it. If you have any questions about our gear, how we use it and why we like it. Please email us with your questions at we are delighted to share with you anything we know.



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