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Shark Fishing Key West

The Shallow Water Monsters Shark Fishing Charter is the best shark fishing experience in Key West. We complete the circle of life right before your very eyes.

Shallow gin clear calm waters of the backcountry here in Key West is your backdrop. Sight fishing sharks up to 350 lbs right under your feet in less than 4 feet of water. Catching other toothy species of fish along the way.

Sound exciting? --- It is..

Monthly Fishing Update
April 2014

Inshore the tarpon fishing is lit up in the backcountry and the fish have already showed up in good numbers. Many of our anglers are getting and impressive number of shots. A great month for flats fishing for tarpon.

Deep Sea fishing has been turning up some nice dolphin and the reef fishing has been getting some excellent snappers for dinner. Sailfish are getting more numerous

Dream Catcher Charters
News April 2014

All In Wonder trips are selling out fast for the summer and fall. Great time to see it all. Dont forget we offer snorkeling to.

New Flats Fishing Skiff From Beavertail the BT Elite will be here at the end of the month. Super shallow flats fishing boat. We are excited..

Check our more frequently updated Key West fishing reports.


Shark Fishing Charters

Bull Shark beside the boatWould you like to come face to face with a real toothy shark? Its our job to arrange the meeting. We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour shark fishing charters here out of Key West with rates starting at just $425.00 for a half day for two people. You will learn about baiting and rigging as well as habitat and feeding patterns of different species of sharks found out of Key West Florida. Most of our fishing is done in less than 5 feet of water so sight fishing is a very cool element we bring to shark fishing.

We generally start you off by catching some bait. We use Jacks, Bluefish, Smaller Barracudas, and Lady Fish. All of these fish are fun and easy to catch on light tackle. We also bring some frozen bait as backup. Posting up on the side of the channel in the backcountry we start the blood trail of chum and fish pieces to bring in the sharks. As the Sharks approach the boat you will be instructed how to cast for and catch them. Hold on tight, these fish really peal off the line as you sink the hook in their jaws. Most sharks take longer than 20 minutes to bring boat side where we then remove the hook. We are sensitive to the needs of your photo collections and here is where the guide will safely allow you to get your photo.

The sharks we fish for generally weigh from 80 - 400 lbs. with larger catches recorded here at Dream Catchers. We use Spin fishing gear, fly fishing Gear and stand up heavy tackle depending on the situation. You can be assured, no matter your size and experience you can catch a shark we make it happen. Learn More about our Fishing Gear

Shark Fishing The Marquesas Keys

Add a bit of adventure to an already great trip. Venture out to the Marquesas for your shark fishing out of Key West. Located 30 miles to the West of Key West the Marquesas holds a bountiful large sharks not seen or caught. There are few fishing guides that go out there. We are delighted to take you shark fishing out to these shark infested waters on our 8 hour charters.

Flats Fishing For Sharks

How to release a sharkDon't underestimate the thrill of catching a huge shark on the flats in less than 3 ft of water using artificial lure or Fly fishing. Sight casting to lemon sharks, bull sharks, bonnet head sharks and black tip sharks. Our guides will show you how its done and add just another thrill to your fishing adventures.

Catch And Release

All of the sharks we catch her at Dream Catcher Charters are released unharmed. We use special hooks and techniques to ensure the survival of these awesome creatures. We will do everything possible to ensure you photo is taken with you safely by the shark.

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We Provide
Please Don't Forget

  • We supply all your fishing gear, tackle.
  • We can accommodate 1-6 persons.
  • Ice and Bottled Waters
  • Florida fishing licenses.
  • Hat, sunscreen and polarized fishing glasses
  • Food or Drink other than Bottled waters
  • Camera

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